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Platinum Darkrai Event
Topic Started: Thursday Aug 20 2009, 07:43 PM (1,179 Views)
turtlecash +
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For once I actually noticed a Pokemon Event before it was over, and due to being on Wifi I was able to take advantage of the event as well!

For those of you that (like me) don't pay too much attention to the events and may not have noticed I'd like to tell you about a Darkrai Event currently going on across Wifi.

Up until September 13, a Members Card, the item allowing you to access Canalave City's Inn and New Moon Island where Darkrai dwells will be on Wifi, and is easy to get. It is however only for Pokemon Platinum players, so those with only Diamond or Pearl are out of luck.

To get the card, first go to Jubilife TV and talk to the TV Producer (I think on the third floor) who asks your opinion on TV. For his first question, answer with "Everyone Happy" and for his second, say "Wi-fi Connection" and Mystery Gift will become available.

After that just save, turn off the game, turn it back on somewhere that you'll be able to connect to Wifi, and select Mystery Gift on the game's main screen. Once the Member's Card is downloaded you can pick it up in any Poke Mart.

Darkrai is level 50, and a tough legendary Pokemon, so you might want to bring a Master Ball along to make things easy. I played through LeafGreen again just so that I could send over a new Master Ball through the Pal Park.

Anyways, have fun with Darkrai folks. I have one already from the Pokemon Ranger 2 event so this'll actually be my second one, but I'm still happy about it.
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