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Hi Ho The Cherrio

Posted by Chronicler + (Administrator) at Monday Jul 5 2010, 12:08 AM. 2 comments

Why the weird topic title you may ask?? Well that's because I had to say something strange to get the attention of the members here.

For those of you who don't know me, I am Chronicler, former Global Mod of Pokemon Nightmare and 3-year member here. For almost three years now I have been known as the creator of the Pokemon Turquoise RPG, which you may or may not have heard of before. Anyways, my friend, Dragonfire, and I have been working on a large-scale trpg to incorporate into Turquoise as a combination of two regions, but with a twist. The entire region is completely free-roam, with 6 unique fakemon starters to choose from, and several other fakemon throughout the region. From the beginning, you get to choose between two paths, both with a different set of gym leaders and elite4. Basically, the whole map is free roam, giving you as much freedom and opportunity as you could dream about.

We believe that this RPG that we have planned will on equal parts with other successful RPG's such as the Orange Islands, but Turquoise is feeling pretty dead right now so there's really no point in making a super catastrophically awesome work of art if there is no one around to see it. However, being that Turquoise has always been a sort of brother board to Nightmare, and seeing how this new community of Solstice is thriving with awesome members and lively activity, we are thinking of placing this new and amazing experience right here in Solstice's backyard.

Most of the RPG is already planned, but we still have heavy construction to do on it. However, we already have things such as player guides, rpg mod guides to updating, and such made. We even have a special rpg calculator made specifically for the sole purpose of making the updating process easier.
What we are offering is a small-scale merge between Turquoise and Solstice. And I say small-scale because basically all the members of Turquoise are already members here from Nightmare, aside from a few friends. The merge will basically consist of replacing the current RPG with the Serekayo region and making it totally awesome.

I have talked with the staff leaders, Sableye, and even Scathe about the situation, but I want to here the opinions of the members here before we come to any conclusions. I know what it's like to go through a forum merge and I know you guys want to have your voices heard as well.

If you would like to know more about the RPG or see some fakemon that will be included, don't be afraid to ask. ^_^

Your Friendly Neighborhood Chronicler

Minor Update

Posted by Chronicler + (Administrator) at Wednesday Aug 5 2009, 07:32 PM. 8 comments

First of all, I would like to apologize for new being active the past week. My computer has been infected with viruses and I'm going to be completely cleaning it out. As a result, my computer access will be limited for the next few days as well. I would like to notify you all that I have completed the purchase of the Vbulletin license, so it will be possible that I can get them setup right away when my computer is all fixed and what not.

Also, for those of you who are new to the forums and don't know already, the RPG has been closed and it is impossible to make posts in any of the RPG boards, so there's nothing wrong your accounts, no one is allowed to post there. Don't fret though, the new RPG is worth waiting for everyone!

Turquoise Newsletter 7/19/09

Posted by Chronicler + (Administrator) at Tuesday Jul 21 2009, 04:35 PM. 16 comments

As most of you have probably seen, the RPG has become inactive, meaning that the mods and admins have officially stopped updating. Here is the exact post from the RPG mod applications thread in case you guys missed it:

Recently the admin and mods of Turquoise have stopped updating altogether. This has been on purpose, though our motive cannot fully be explained yet. Next week perhaps, the RPG here at these forums will be closing for good. But don't be alarmed, because RPG Mod Applications are still going, which has to mean something...right?

Hopefully you guys won't be nagging anyone for updates anymore though, since we are all very busy with what will be happening. If anything, be happy for what is to come, and stay tuned for full information on what is happening. All will be revealed on Monday, July 20th. If you seem to be at a loss of what to do now, help out with making the fakedex, moves, or even give some comments and constructive criticism for the new sprites we have been supplying.

Now onto the actual newsletter, what you have all been waiting for since the day you joined these forums. The awesomeness of the last Turquoise Newsletter of these forums!!

The vFactor

As a forum leader, it has always been my dream to get Pokemon Turquoise Forums to where they are today. But I strive to keep things here at there best. That's when a light bulb went on above my head a few weeks ago. With my birthday close as well as the 2-year anniversary of Turquoise, Turtlecash, me, and the new admin, Evanibble (make sure to congratulate him), had some discussions and figured out a plan. This plan includes 180$, a new layout, and a V. You guessed it, we are moving to vBulliten this week. Along with the new vBulliten forums, an awesome layout maker from pokemon Nightmare has agreed to help us make a skin especially for the new Turquoise. That's not all though, so sit back, relax, and read on...


With the new vBulliten forums being created, us admins have been working nonstop to provide the Orre Region Adventure upon the opening of the new forums, which will happen most likely late in the week. The Orre Region will be complete with 65 shadow pokemon, an awesome storyline to follow, and nonstop-traveling between the places in the Orre region. New faces, old faces, and even new places will emerge in the Orre region to make sure you get the fullest excitement in your adventure. Even new shadow moves are being created to ensure everything is as fresh and new as can be to you. So stick around for the grand opening of the new Turquoise, because it'll be something you might never forget.

Sprite Fusions Are Cool, But What About Forum Fusions?

Lately we've been discussing how Turquoise has recently been to the graveyard and back, as well as another forum that I am acquainted with, the Mikayo Text RPG (by our very own Dragonfire). The Mikayo Text RPG and the Seresta Text RPG have both been receiving the same sprites from the great Lunar Wing. The same sprites actually. So we decided to do something about this. We have decided to merge the Mikayo and Seresta regions, as well as the fakedexes in the move to the new forums. In the new Pokemon Turquoise, a new and better fakedex will be worked on, as well as the option to start out in either the Seresta or Mikayo region when starting your new journey. Most of the work to combine the forums will be done upon arrival at the new vBulliten forums while you all are enjoying the Orre Region Adventure. But be assured that this merge is for the best of both forums, and the possibilities will leave you trembling.

The Current TRPG?

As you might have guessed (or seen at the quote at the top of the thread), the current Turquoise Text RPG will be halted for good. There were many faults within the RPG that were yet to be fixed, as well as many things that were changed upon playing the TRPG. As a result, many profiles and what not had skewed information, and we thought it would be for the best if we didn't try to transfer over all the profiles and what not, but if we instead just completely restarted the Seresta Region while merging with the Mikayo Region. Though the regions might not be back for a few weeks until after the opening of the new forums, they will be better than ever!

Overall Staff

As we make our move to the new forums in a few days, I have given all the Global Mods/RPG Mods the choice to retire from their positions or join as at the new forums. Dragonfire, being the leader of Mikayo, will be joining us at the new forums as another new admin. Denn, being the co-leader of Mikayo, will be joining us as a global mod at the new forums, but potentially a new admin as well if the new forums ave enough success.

Amerac, a current RPG Mod, will be leaving us and joining as a regular member at the new forums.

I have currently not received any replies from Corrosive Ghost or Leeeds about this, but I will post the results here as soon as I hear from them.

As there is a lot going on, most likely the biggest thing that has ever been happening here at Turquoise, I would appreciate if chaos does not rise and destroy the community, but if you all just try to help out with the fakedex and be patient for the new forums.

Returning to his original username at the new forums,
Chilling Blow

Happy birthday CB!

Posted by Leeeds + (RPG Moderator) at Saturday Jul 18 2009, 01:24 AM. 11 comments

Well since you are so special you deserve a topic in the announcements section. Choose your birthday promo wisely

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