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Forum Rules
Chapter 1: Do not swear! I am serious about this. A little here and there are ok but don't make it a habit. Little kids use these forums just as much as you do, so don't make them feel scared.

Chapter 2: Flaming: Don't do it, it is just downright mean and people may leave the forums if flamed. Then you are to blame for a decreasing population in our community. Flaming will result in a 1 week ban. I`m serious. If you are an Admin/mod, you will be de-modded.

Chapter 3: Don't spam, we want our forums to look as neat as possible. Spamming will result in a warning.

Chapter 4: Only advertise in your signature and the advertisement forum. You will get warned if you try it anywhere else. Don't advertise sites that sell stuff or have inappropriate stuff in it.

Chapter 5: Don't post links to Porn pages, you will be banned immediately and if you come back with a different account, you will be ip banned. No Hentai either!

Chapter 6: No bumping topics older than 2 months unless you have something important to say in it.

Chapter 7: Try not to have a signature with inappropriate contents in it. Also, do not make it a huge signature.

Chapter 8: If you are banned, do not make alternates. And if you aren't banned don't make alternates. The alternates will be banned, along with your main.

Chapter 9: Do not triple post or beyond, unless very good reason. Do not get into the habit of double posting. It will result in a warning if you always do it.

Chapter 10: 2 warnings = 3day posting ban
3 warnings=1 week ban
4 warnings = 1month ban
5 warnings= permanent ban.

If you follow these simple rules, nothing bad will ever happen to you and you can stay on this site as long as you want.

~The Turquoise Staff

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